The Naked Truth About Coffee

The Best Coffee Available:

The best coffee in the world comes from small farmers that commit to only growing certified organic beans. They also grow their coffee in the shade of naturally growing trees and plants to both protect the environment and help the coffee to develop a fuller, richer flavor. Once we receive these beans, we roast them in small batches to specific roasting profiles. These recipes bring out the flavors and nuances that make our beans the best coffee you’ll ever experience!

About Camano Island Coffee Roasters:

In 2000 we founded Camano Island Coffee Roasters (CICR) with the simple philosophy that a business can change the world for good. Our vision was to combine our passion for coffee with generational change in coffee growing regions.
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It’s all about empowering the people on the other side of the equation. Instead of writing a charity check, you, the Coffee Lover, are living out your belief system in a simple everyday way – by drinking coffee. To me, that’s the beauty of social business.

Jeff Ericson, Founder