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Who says no to free organic coffee?

Just cover the shipping ($8.95), and we’ll send you FREE organic coffee! Plus, with your FREE organic coffee, we’ll throw in FREE enrollment to the Coffee Lover’s Box program.

  • No contracts
  • No monthly dues
  • No cancellation fees
  • Arrives on an interval you decide!
  • Save up to 35% off retail with free shipping!



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Starting 3 weeks after you receive your free 1lb or 2lb shipment of coffee, we’ll replenish your coffee supply with 2 lbs of CICR coffee every 6 weeks (or, however long you decide). Your credit card is charged $35 only when this 6 week supply of coffee is shipped. This gives you up to 35% off the retail price including free shipping on every box! You may cancel at anytime. No contracts or cancellation fees.

The “Free Pound of Coffee with Subscription to the Coffee Lover’s Box” only includes one or two pounds with free subscription to the Coffee Lover’s Box. Offer not valid for current box subscribers. Offer not valid for gifting. Offer only valid for US Residents and only open to one per household.

I used to be a Yuban fan until 12 years ago when I was at the Silvana Fair. Camano Island Coffee Roasters had a stand there, and they were giving out sample cups of coffee. The coffee was like nothing I’d ever tried before. It was so good I bought a pound, and have been a steady customer since! They have spoiled me rotten!

~ Dianne Kelley


 Fresh, excellent coffee! We get the whole bean and grind it as we use it, and there is never an oily residue. The staff is always so friendly and very helpful. We’ve been drinking Camano Island Coffee ever since Jeff came to Camano. We like that a percentage is given back to the growers.

~Sue Hamilton

We’ve enjoyed Camano Island Coffee for over 6 years now and we love the fact that it not only tastes great but that it is roasted locally! So few companies have a real message or belief behind their coffee, but Camano Island Coffee Roasters is not one of these faceless corporations. It makes us feel better knowing there’s a real story behind our coffee and that change is happening as a result of the coffee we enjoy.

Marla Shea


The coffee is very flavorful, there are a variety of roasts, and it is never bitter. The gift shop is full of wonderful gifts and the staff is so fun to be around! We bring all our friends! We have been enjoying Camano Island Coffee for about 7 years when we moved to the island. We appreciate helping people better their lives and be able to provide for their families through drinking socially-responsible coffee.

~ Jeri and Dwayne Atkins

I’ve enjoyed Camano Island Coffee for 11 years and I’ve always loved the coffee. The roast is excellent and the decaf doesn’t taste like decaf. The people and service are fabulous. Their social message is important to me because it makes it personal. All business is about relationships, and it creates relationships.

~ Ann Rogers



Our favorite thing about Camano Island Coffee Roasters is the hospitality! We’ve been enjoying the Papua New Guinea coffee and using it in our guest house for more than 6 years. It’s nice to know that the coffee we love is helping to change lives and make a difference.

~ Larry and Susan Weston