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The 5 Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Cup of Coffee

Things you should know before you indulge - a coffee educational e-book.

Is Coffee Bad?

  • Did you know that mold in grocery store coffee could be poisoning you with toxins?
  • Did you know that carcinogens in grocery store coffee have been found to be 50 times higher than the EPA standard for drinking water?
  • Did you know that modern farming techniques of coffee could be the cause of your heartburn and acid reflux?
  • Did you know coffee is sprayed with more pesticides than any other crop outside of tobacco?

Learn about coffee that is good for you!

Learn why organic coffee

Learn why shade-grown coffee

Learn why arabica coffee

Want to learn how to protect yourself from these dangers and still enjoy great-tasting coffee?

Download our FREE coffee education e-book, “The 5 Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Cup of Coffee”.

hidden dangers report Coffee Education: Free eBook

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